MG® Stone Veneer Panels
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MG® Stone Veneer Panels
Made from hand-selected
pieces of natural stone
Modular panels allows for
quickier installation for walls
Thin cut stone veneer
ideal for all applications
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Installation Guide
MG Stone Veneer Panels feature an innovative
new process of stone installation.
Hand-Crafted Stone
Individually hand selected pieces of natural stone are preassembled to form a stacked stone panel. Beautiful rich color tones and custom blends create a unique design that is timeless and modern.
Quick Installation

Stone Veneer Panels provides a streamlined system of installation that is quickier and easy to install -- saving time and labor. There are three main components for each modular panel.

SPECIFICATIONS: 1-1.5 in thick. Avg. 13-15 lb per sq ft.

FLATS: 6x24 in. (1.0 sq ft)
Flats are designed to interlock on each end to form a tight jointless fit. Stagger each row to conceal seams.

DOUBLE-END CORNER: 6x24 in. (1.0 sq ft)
Corners are formed by two adjoing panels that have a ragged ends. Each corner panel is double ended. Cut them in half and interlock with each other. Tip: Two double-end panels can cover 1 linear feet of corner. (see example below)

FINISHED END: 6x24 in. (1.0 sq ft)
Finished ends are ragged on one side to for use on areas that end abruptly, such as a door opening or fireplace openings.

Flat Panel

Double-End Corner Panel
Finished End Panel
Installation and Gallery Images
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Disclaimer: MG Home products are made from natural stone found in nature. The natural characteristics of these products will produce variations in texture, color, and pattern. Therefore, no two pieces will be exactly alike and each installation will be different. The colors represented on this website are as accurate as possible during production, however we suggest looking at actual products when deciding on color or texture. Product samples are available upon request at an authorized reseller locations.